We innovate for companies ready to disrupt the status quo.

SEE turns the world inside out and upside down to catalyze growth through dreaming the unthinkable and making it happen. SEE works with companies at times of significant change to provide end-to-end, disruptive innovation solutions focused on the consumer-facing world. Strategies, products, brands and businesses are what we deliver.

When you need it most.

Tough challenges. New beginnings. Changing market dynamics. SEE doesn't engage by the pound, by the number of presentation pages or by the hour. SEE will deliver business value when you need it most.


Special Forces for Innovating your business

SEE is a curated network of leading entrepreneurs, executives, designers, marketers, and thinkers who have unique vision to disrupt the status quo. Each engagement is staffed by a special team because each situation is unique.

SEE was conceived by Jonah Staw, a globally recognized innovator, Co-founder & Chairman of LittleMissMatched, and former Strategist at frog design.


Innovation Consulting + Multi-Channel Business Launch = SEE

Senior executives at Disney, Target, Yahoo, Chrysler, Microsoft and many more companies have engaged with members of the SEE team. SEE engages with CEOs and their teams who have a readiness for change, want innovative sustainable solutions and are ready to bring ideas to life.

LittleMissMatched, co-founded by Jonah Staw, is a living, breathing representation of the power of SEE. Now an international multi-channel consumer brand, LittleMissMatched began as a challenge to convince the world that socks don't have to match and that creativity and self-expression rule.

See To Be Seen
Our Mantra and Our Expertise

End-to-end innovation incubation means
3 core competencies:


If You Are Ready To See